img_5660When you read about container homes, there’s a lot of talk about the architect and the containers themselves but honestly having been working on our container home for over two years now, the most important person in his process is the contractor. Ours happens to be Rudy Perez (, and we love him. He’s not your average contractor, he’s also got his degree in architecture and has certification in construction management. So he’s super smart and that’s what you need because you will face complex issues trying to create your container home. Every day.

This is not your average construction project. You are dealing with steel fabrication that needs to be exact, complex logistics, unique window installation, lighting challenges, HVAC and insulation peculiarities, gaps to be filled, floors to be leveled, and other unexpected issues. Your contractor needs to be stellar or you will lose your mind.

Rudy has done it all and if he doesn’t know how to do something, he figures it out, on the spot.  You need that kind of know how or you’re sure to experience even more delays than you are guaranteed to experience by virtue of the fact that you can’t predict everything in any construction project.  We’ve had our fair share of delays, many that weren’t predictable like the Korean shipping line that went bankrupt and caused our containers to get stuck at the port for weeks, and some that should have been predicted from the start, like the need to build a retaining wall because our finished elevation was over the existing retaining wall by 3 feet – somehow the architect and the city missed that little $30K detail.  As painful as it has been, I can’t imagine how painful it would be if we didn’t have a contractor that was competent, honest, reliable, and committed.

If it’s not clear already, hire the right contractor! ROP Design is a good place to start if you’re in Southern California, he certainly comes highly recommended by us. If you’re not in California, do your due diligence and hire someone who has the capacity to problem solve with grace!

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