Located in the Blue Zone community of South Redondo Beach, the Lucia Container Home is the largest residential shipping container project of it’s kind in California. This innovative design utilizes 21 up-cycled shipping containers to create a multi-generational family complex on a single lot. This project demonstrates one family’s solution for housing three generations in a way that is sustainable, contemporary, and affordable by blending cutting-edge green products and systems with inspiring modern design. Their vision is to model a way of living in harmony with the environment and increase awareness of products and systems that can help homeowners move toward energy independence in a cost effective way. They are making this happen through thoughtful design, the products they choose, and an aggressive marketing and educational outreach program.

The project is being thoroughly documented via our blog, YouTube channel “Lucia Container Home” , video documentation, extensive media outreach, progression and finish photography, and educational outreach. The build will culminate in public and industry tours and events in early 2017 highlighting design decisions, product choices, and construction methods.


In support of the project vision, The Lucia Container Home will highlight cost effective products and systems relating to all aspects of green building. Following is a partial list of the home’s many green features.


• Made of 85% recycled non-corrosive Corten steel
• Uses 95% less energy to reuse containers than melt them down
• Lifespan is three times longer than stick built home
• Weatherproof, mold proof, and termite proof
• Safer in earthquakes and more fire retardant


• Recycled cotton or denim insulation
• High efficiency operable windows for creative use of light and efficient ventilation
• Awnings to reduce sun exposure
• Reflective roofing with solar
• Locally manufactured materials when possible
• LED lighting
• ENERGY STAR® appliances
• Efficient use of space with 2 homes on a small lot
• Jobsite recycling


• Dual flush toilets
• Low-flow showerheads and faucets
• Rainwater collection system
• Low Impact Site Development and Landscaping
• Pervious paving material
• Use of compost
• Drought tolerant plant selections


• Up-cycled shipping containers
• FSC certified wood products
• Recycled quartz and glass tile
• Bamboo & cork flooring sustainably harvested
• Fiber cement paneling


• Low VOC paint
• Nontoxic finishes on flooring and cabinetry
• Minimal use of adhesives
• Formaldehyde-free cabinets
• Pneumatic elevator for use by homeowner with disabilities