This project gave us an incredible opportunity to work with manufactures and vendors who are as passionate about practical sustainability as we are. We did our best to work with companies that were close to home with a commitment to sustainability with both their products and how they manufacturer them.  Below is a list of who we worked with and why. There is no one on this list that we don’t highly recommend.


If you’ve ever shopped for tile you know it’s the most overwhelming part of doing a kitchen or bathroom. Given we had 6 bathrooms and 2 kitchens to figure out, our heads were spinning with possibilities. We went out to the usual hunting grounds only to find ourselves staggering through aisles and aisles of tile that begins to all look the same. It becomes extremely overwhelming as you begin to second guess yourself knowing if you blow it on your tile, you’re stuck with it for a long, long, time. Lucky for us a friend of mine referred me to BattagliaStile, a local tile shop with an amazing owner.

(Insert photo of shop)

Kym Battaglia was a Godsend. We shared our vision with her and she carefully considered all of our needs: the look and feel we were trying to achieve, the budget limitations we had, and our desire to use tile with recycled content from conscious manufacturers located as close as possible to where we live. She gave it some thought and came back with hand selected companies that met all of our needs. What makes her special is the access she has to unique tile manufacturers you’re not going to find anywhere else and knows her stuff so she really hears you and will pull together great ideas that meet your vision and budget. Tile and countertops are definitely not the place to make a design mistake and BattagliaStile was very fair in their pricing and Kym’s design sense was priceless. In fact, of all the vendors we worked with none showed as much care and consideration as the team at BattagliaStile.

These are the tile and countertop materials we used that really gave life to the project.


We chose to put Cambria quartz in our kitchens for a variety of reasons. First and foremost is the company itself, they are the ONLY quartz surface sourced in the United States, they are family owned and operated in Minnesota, and they have an ingrained culture of consciousness that shows up in everything they do. 100% of the water they use in production of their products is recycled saving 1.6 billion gallons of water per year. And they are extraordinarily philanthropic with a special focus on juvenile arthritis through their Camp Cambria Foundation, in addition to programs like Matter, Team Cambria, Big Brothers and Sisters, Bolder Options, and The Veterans Fund. When you see where they focus their resources it’s impossible not to like them as a company.

Ok, so it’s a great company that has a heart, gives back, and likes to have fun (I’ve been to one of their parties, they don’t mess around!) What about the product, because at the end of the day, that’s what you’re investing in Well, like everything else about Cambria, their product is amazing! It’s quality is the best in the business and their creativity is off the charts. You won’t see any other manufacturer with the bold, beautiful patterns and colors that Cambria creates. They also have classy, traditional marble based patterns that come in a Matte finish, which feels like stone (that’s what we used). You owe it to yourself to visit one of their signature showrooms and take a look, it will not disappoint and I promise you’ll fall in love with something that moves you to the core.

Every Time someone walks into one of the homes they touch the counters and ask what we used, in one kitchen we used Ella in Matte finish and it’s classy, subtle, and elegant:

(Insert photo of Ella)

In the the other we used Summerhill, which is bold, sparkly, active, and fun.

(Insert photo of Summerhill)

Both are amazing in their own way and not only represent our desire to do the right thing but are stunning features of both homes.

So yeah, Cambria was a dream fit for us, a conscious company with heart that manufactures in the US with superior performance and unmatched beauty. I can’t say enough about the company and their product.


Crossville is a company like no other. They make incredible tile products that you won’t find anyplace else and the company embodies a sustainable culture. Here’s list of their commitment to sustainability:

  • Their products are third-party certified by SCS Global Services, a leading sustainability firm, and they’ve ensured their entire manufacturing process is too, from recycling water to procuring what they need to make and market their products from within 350 miles of their operation
  • They are the first manufacturer to earn TCNA’s Green Squared® certification—the highest sustainability standard in the industry—across all U.S.-manufactured porcelain tile product lines
  • I love this one, they partner with TOTO® USA sanitary wares to recycle pre-consumer fired porcelain they would normally discard into raw material for new tile and they are the first net consumer of tile waste (meaning they recycle more than they produce)
  • They accept previously installed fired porcelain, cut scraps, and loose samples for recycling into brand new tile (no one else does this)

If you want to get lost for days check out Crossville’s website. They have the most innovative and beautiful tile with so many choices it’s mind boggling. The thing I loved the most about their website is the ability to shop by recycled content by looking at their G2 certified product list. This makes it easy when you head to one of their distributors like Longust or the local tile shop like BattagliaStile to tell them what you want to look at.

You’re going to hear me talk about how much the tile made our project and we really did use incredible tile throughout but Crossville is the only tile manufacturer who makes a large scale porcelain panels that you can use on interior or exterior walls, floors, and countertops. The product is called Laminam and it’s really a game changer! It has special installation requirements, which makes it costly to install compared to other tile but the result speaks for itself. We used their Laminam Oxide in the color Moro on the exterior of the homes and it’s just incredible.

(photos of exterior)

The way the light plays off the tile throughout the day makes it look different all the time, everyone asks what it is and when we say tile, they can’t believe it, it looks like rusted metal and fits the home’s personality better than anything else.

We also used their 18” x 36” Moonstruck tile in the color Luna on the floor and walls of the master bath and the pictures don’t do it justice. The subtle pattern and slight texture makes if feel like warm stone, it’s really, really beautiful.

(insert crossville bathroom photo)

We have been so impressed with this company we can’t recommend them more highly. Please contact BattagliaStile for more information.

Lunada Bay

Kym introduced us to Lunada Bay Tile because we wanted to use some recycled glass tile in the homes and Lunada Bay is a local manufacturer and 70% of their glass tile is recycled, however the pièce de résistance is the beauty, color, texture, and illuminance of what they create, it’s like art.

The culture of Lunada Bay as a company really focuses on the beauty of what they create, they blend traditional craftsmanship with modern influences and use specialized techniques that allow their artisans to create effects unlike any other source in the industry. And that’s the truth, the rooms where we used large quantities of their tile have become our favorite rooms in the house.

Like the master bathroom:

(Insert master bath photo)

In this special space we used their Agate line with the Rio pattern in the color Bari Pearl. The color Bari is incredible, it looks a little different in the various patterns and I kept picking it over and over again thinking it was a different color but still loving it. The funny thing is this was actually an awkward space, too narrow to have a shower and tub separate and too long to just have a shower. It’s weird shape called for a creative solution so we went with the spa room and the tile is what made it so spectacular. We wanted a beachy modern feel and it exceeded our expectations! When people walk into the bathroom, their jaw literally drops.

In our kitchen we used their Origami Nami in Ivory Pearl. We wanted something that felt like shells and what we got was better than the real thing. They way the light plays off the Origami texture both day and night makes it feel alive. It mesmerizes everyone who walks into the kitchen and the first thing they do is walk over and touch the backsplash. Every. Single. Time.

(Insert Kitching photo)

We used another one of their Agate lines in one of the stunning powder rooms. In this room we used the ½” x 4” Agate in Verona Pearl. It’s a magical tile that is so rich and luxurious yet grounded and earthy, it really makes the room something special.

(Insert Powder photo)

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our choice to use Lunada Bay both for their consciousness and the unique, unmatched beauty of their tile.


Eleganza is a great place for practical, beautiful tile as well plus they just launched a series of tile made in the USA, which is great. We wanted concrete looking tile for several areas, including our exterior decks and their Concrete tile line in the color Argento (24″x48″ Semi-polished) was the perfect match. It’s a perfect complement to the other materials we chose and with a few pieces of extra tile we had, we made a spectacular wall in one of the powder rooms!

(Insert photo of powder)

Again, please contact Kym Battaglia at BattagliaStile, (310) 530-1013.